To keep things in order, well-structured and following a routine, it is good to follow the manual when creating new and editing current articles.



Photos should be screencaps, promotional photos, or behind-the-scenes images only. Fan art and GIFs may go on blog posts, forum posts, comments, and user pages only.

Naming photosEdit

  • Promotional: "Finding Carter season # Name(s)"
  • Episodes: "SSxEE ## Name(s)", where "SS" is the season number, and "EE" is the episode number. ## represents the order in which the scene appeared; this helps especially when displaying the photos in the galleries, as they are to be in order.
  • Character photos should follow the episodes' structure.
  • Always separate names by commas.
  • Capitalize only proper nouns.

Categorizing photosEdit

To make it a little easier to find a bunch of photos at once, categories come in handy.

All photos should be categorized as "SSXEE", "Promotional photos", "Behind-the-scenes", or "User uploads".


Videos should be categorized into the corresponding season's video category (e.g. "Season 1 videos"), "Promos" and/or "Sneak peeks".

Please do not upload fan videos.


  • While redirects are in place, do not link [[Harrison]] as it is; instead, link to the article with his last name ([[Harrison Walters|Harrison]]). When the link is hovered, Harrison's full name will be displayed.


Episode articlesEdit

An example of the structure in which episode articles should follow may be viewed on the Gone Elvis article.

Categories are added automatically, provided you use the proper template(s).

  • Stub articles must use the {{stub}} template.
  • Upcoming episode articles must use the {{upcoming}} template.
  • Episode articles must use the {{episode}} template.

More information about categories and templates that automatically add the necessary templates may be found on the category guide.


The structure for episode articles is as followed:

  1. Synopsis
  2. Cast
  3. Trivia
  4. Media
    1. Photos ({{gallery}})
    2. Videos
  5. References ({{references}})
  6. External links

The only templates that should be used for episode articles are as followed:

Admins may add verbose/other warnings to articles that need more attention/cleaning up.

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